Top ten Questions About Starting a Courier Business

Top ten Questions About Starting a Courier Business If you are planning to start a courier or delivery business, you are definitely going to have a few questions.We compiled top 10 frequently asked questions about the courier businesses here: What

Optimise your last-mile delivery

Optimise your last-mile delivery : For as far back as a couple of years, there has been a huge development in the web-based business industry. In any case, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused critical changes in client purchasing practices and

Coronavirus Panic To Offer Potential Growth Opportunites To On-demand Grocery Business

The horror story of the Coronavirus epidemic has already created a great panic around the world. People are getting anxious with the sudden unfolding of events and are worried about the future.  When human lives are at a high stake

First Mile Delivery

With the eCommerce eruption of the last few years, a great deal of focus has been placed on last mile delivery. Shippers and logistics providers are reacting to the changing face of consumer expectations for speed, visibility and convenience in the

automated ordering in onetraker
Is Automation the Answer to Last-Mile Delivery Pains?

Automating your delivery operations is critical if you want to maintain profitability while matching the current expectations for customer experience. Recently, we wrote about the ways in which rising customer demands are redefining last mile delivery across multiple industries. Shoppers today are

More Delivery Drivers Doesn’t Always Scale Delivery Operations

Meeting volume with capacity alone does not necessarily address customer experience and operational efficiency. In fact, sometimes it may complicate it. A recent survey by Oracle cites that 66% of respondents will prefer home delivery over other fulfillment methods. The

Quick Guide To Modern-Day Home Delivery Operations and The Role of Technology

The world is witnessing a rapid shift in the way consumers purchase. Brick and mortar businesses are migrating to online sales platforms to fulfil their customers’ demands and provide delightful home delivery experiences. This change is driven by three factors.

How Grocers Can Leverage Technology to Make Delivery a Competitive Advantage

The grocery delivery market is an industry that is poised for growth. We are on the verge of rapid adoption of online grocery shopping, with The Food Marketing Institute estimating that online grocery sales will reach $100 billion by 2025. By