Proof of Delivery

This will ensure the delivery agreement is upheld and the legal responsibility of the item shifts from the sender to the consignee.

This prevents any poor delivery practices or tampering and increases the delivery agent’s accountability.

It’s the clear indication of dispatch and delivery of a parcel, to both business and consumer by giving complete transparency.

Delivery agents can click and upload pictures of the parcel during the pickup and delivery as proof just like proof of purchase.

Real-time tracking of drivers

Navigation of delivery agents can be tracked real-time on map for better door-to-door visibility and it can reduce friction between the businesses and customers.

Realtime ETA of agents will help customers to plan in advance, how they want to receive the item.

This will avoid unnecessary delay in the delivery of items and increase productivity of the drivers since both customers and businesses are tracking them.


Route Planning

Automated route planning helps you find the best possible sequence of pickup and delivery points of the whole trip.

Delivery agents need not break their head to plan best route, they can just follow the recommendation of the platform.

Delivery cost, delivery time and quality of the delivery will be drastically improved.

Schedule your last mile deliveries. Our platform enables you to schedule your deliveries individually and also in batch.

Automated Ordering

Tedious task of manually entering the delivery orders and assigning it to the delivery agent is now the easiest of all.

Our system creates delivery orders from an excel or CSV file you upload and also from the files in your email.

Seamless integration with your existing order management system, to automatically create delivery manifest.


Your Platform

With white labeling, it’s your product. The entire platform containing mobile apps and web apps will be under your brand name.

We cover the risk of technology, you can concentrate on building the business and serving more and more customers.

Delight Your Customers

Customers will trust and stay loyal to your business over other businesses using 3rd party platforms as it is.

All of your communication with customers via chat, email and sms will be fully rebranded on your business’s name.

Wallet COD loop

Handles both cash and online payment. Customers get the option to pay cash to the delivery agents. Agent’s cash in hand is managed with closed wallet loop system. Cash deposit option to prepay for orders

Rating and feedback

Get feedback and ratings from customer to evaluate your delivery service. Helps identify issues at ground level and address them quickly. Customers feel empowered. Performance indicator for every agent.

Resource Management

Complete KYC while onboarding your delivery agents. Register and manage all your delivery fleets with compliance docs. App for agent to accomplish delivery tasks. Any time suspend and reinstate your resources.